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Besides our in-house writers, we also have a team of freelancers that help us deal with a huge amount of content in a short term. If you are going to join our team or have already applied, here you will find answers to the most frequent questions you might have about our cooperation.

How are my skills evaluated?

When evaluating your application, we take into account your experience, but the main focus will be on how well you fulfill the test assignment and pass the English proficiency test.

I have submitted an application. Now what?

There are no fixed evaluation times and they will depend on the number of applicants that have applied. You will be notified via email when we decide to proceed to working with you.

How much work will I get?

The order load is not even. Sometimes we get more orders, sometimes less. The better rating you have, the more orders you will be able to count on.

How do you choose writers for assignments?

We take into account your experience, specialization and the number of successfully completed jobs.

Can I choose an order to work on?

We allocate assignments ourselves, but you can choose to decline a particular order if you feel you won’t be able to do as good a job as you would like to.

Is there a minimal number of orders I will have to fulfill in a month?

You don’t commit to fulfilling any particular number of orders a month. If you want to take fewer orders, you are free to do so.

Are deadlines critical?

Yes, deadlines are absolutely critical. If you fail one, we reserve the right to stop working with you and re-assign your order.

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