Sales Letter Copywriter to Generate Urgency among Buyers

Since the early centuries, sales letters have always been used to enable businesses to sell their products and services. The only difference is that marketing letters were not taken seriously in the past. Entrepreneurs heard about a sales letter and a copywriter, but few took action to try and use the letter technique.

But, nowadays, cutthroat competition has forced businesses to think outside the box. Firms are buying services that promise to make a positive impression among customers. Therefore, if you are a business owner, you cannot ignore the ability of a sales letter to call people to act. And you should find a professional letter writer to help you succeed.

We have a team of experts who have mastered the art of selling through sales letter writing. Currently, our team has grown, and we expect to add more writers in the future because our customer base keeps expanding. We follow one primary policy in sales letter writing. That policy is to leave nothing to chance when writing these pieces.

Writing a Sales Letter with a Catchy Title

An essential requirement of letters that work is ensuring that you have a catchy sales title. A professional headline may be the difference between how many people read your letter and those that brush it off without seeing the first sentence. A headline that makes a good impression determines whether the clients open your website link or not. It determines whether you will be selling your items.

Each writer has mastered the service of writing titles that spark readers. There are many ways of achieving this, with the first one being the design of the headline. There are thousands of headline design that we are aware of, and every time we work on a sales letter, we ensure that we use the most notable one.

If you have read sales and advertising books such as the Borrow Letters, you may be knowing the basics of a catchy headline. But, if you haven’t, our sales writers who have read and practiced writing the sales letter that can make you thousands, will generate such a headline for your letter.

Sales Letter Copywriting for E-commerce Businesses

A sales letter is critical in every business. E-commerce businesses that rely on the internet to sell products should be keener about sales letter copywriting and the format of the sales letter. The sales letter is your only contact with the buyer before he or she decides a product or service.

Therefore, you should ensure that you make a lasting impression on the customer during that first contact with your letter. The most important thing is to touch the emotions of the customer. It also involves being able to create urgency for the product or service. Our writers have the experience to do exactly that. Hence, once you complete ordering, you should feel relaxed.

The professional design that we shall create will be efficient for your market. If you are writing for the young generation, our copywriters shall draft a sales letter that speaks to them as if you are peers. Also, if your market is among the elderly members of the society, our sales copywriters will use vocabulary and experiences that match with the life and consumer behavior of these potential customers, in the letter.

Try these Features of Our Sales Letter Writing Services

Our sales letter copywriters are all experts in this field. They are trained marketers who know how to use sales language that is not pushy. A sales letter copywriter is capable of marketing your product using content that does not ask people to buy a product directly. It is an excellent practice because it shows buyers that your business cares about their needs instead of bringing you out as an organization with an interest in profit only.

The biggest secret of professional copywriting is to tell readers what to do. It involves calling them to action, for example, showing the letter readers to subscribe to your channel or asking them to buy your product so that they may try and see whether the results match with those of your previous customers. We have trained experts to be able to use a call to actions that are simple and concise. If you want a subscription, that is what the expert encourages at the end.

We conduct a lot of market research in every industry before promising clients that we are going to help them make a difference in their businesses. Therefore, when you come seeking help with the ultimate sales letter from our writer, you can be sure we take on the project only if we understand the task involved.

Our professional team aims to fulfill the digital marketing expectations of all clients. Hence we take only writing projects that we know about and that we can advise clients on the best strategies to undertake. We assign the letter to a writer with the best knowledge in your sector.

Sales Letters Sample Tips and Techniques

A good sales letter copywriter must be able to use the tips that make a letter juicy to read. Our experts are trained on how to use the following format to write a sales letter:

  • A catchy introduction

We know that the first paragraph determines whether a potential customer reads the next part. Hence, our professional writer uses techniques that make the introduction catchy so that the reader may read through the whole document. One of these is creating high expectations for the potential customer. Here are examples of headlines to introduce products:

“How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days.”

“12 secrets to losing 10 pounds in 10 days.”

“Here’s how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days without surgery.”

  • A concise body

The body must be able to send the message. It should not be boring because once customers lose interest in the format, they may not go ahead to buy your product.

  • A conclusion

The final paragraph is your opportunity to sell your product. Therefore, the letter should be apparent and use the most straightforward language. Copywriters in our firm ensure that we know the actions that you want readers to take so that we may advise them to do that. Since you don’t want to confuse your readers at this stage, you should ensure that it is short. Our copywriters are good at offering this sales service.

Examples of call to action in the closing paragraph:

“Order your guide now.”

“Subscribe to get more updates about losing weight.”

“Contact us now for more information about losing weight naturally.”

Here are two samples you should follow:

Dear Mrs. Brooke,

Are you having trouble watching your weight? If you are like most busy people, it is hard to keep tabs of your weight. That is why it is essential to follow a proven technique to stay healthy even as you work.

We have developed a guide to help you lose 10 pounds each week. Give us a call to get your copy of the guide.


McBee Nutritionists


Dear Whitney,

Have you heard about the new computer that’s causing a fuss online? Well, we are not here to sell that to you. If you are in college, you might want to check out our deals.

There is a specific computer that we have found to fulfill the needs of students. It has enough memory to store files, audio, and videos. With it, you can do your assignment and listen to your favorite podcast without the battery going off in minutes.

Contact us now for more details about the computer. We are offering a 20% discount for the first three customers to buy.


Westney Computer Technologies

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