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Don’t know how to write a press release that will get you noticed? Don’t want to do it on your own? Want to hire a press release writer who will create a great press release for you? Perfect! You’ve found us. SuperiorContent.com is a professional team of professional press release writers with solid experience in all kinds of writing. Press release writing is one of our specialties. We will get you the media attention you and your events/news need.

Press Release Content is of Great Importance

You should understand the importance of a well-written press release and the influence it can have on your business. Basically, press release content should be written with the purpose of:

  • promoting a product, service, or event (for beginner business owners);
  • informing the target audience about news, innovations, and special offers (for seasoned business owners);
  • raising awareness among the public and attracting social attention or funds to some projects (for non-profit organizations).

So, when you know that you need a press release to be written to achieve your goals whatever they are, you’d better entrust it to someone who knows what to do and how to do it right. To someone like writers at SuperiorContent.com.

What Makes Us Your Best Choice for Writing Press Release Articles?

You give us your thoughts and ideas, and we transform them into a powerful promotional tool. It’s a perfect combination of your business experience and our writing skills put together to achieve your goals.

Contents of a press release will be 100% custom


  • We know how to make your target audience and media representatives pay attention to your press release articles. We’ve done that many times before and seen our satisfied customers celebrating the results. Journalism is a complicated field where one has to know lots of strategies and techniques in order to win the customer. We write following all the formatting standards, including necessary angles and all the structural elements, using the appropriate wording, and developing catchy ideas.


  • We adjust contents of a press release to your marketing tone that you’ve already created through the content on your website, your blog, and your email newsletters. It is important that your customers recognize you, so we follow the same style they are already used to.


Prompt press release writers help when you need it


  • Every press release writer works quickly and doesn’t require your constant supervision. You only need to tell us about how you see your press release being written, what details you want us to include, what the goal is, who the target audience is – and we will do the rest ourselves. You’re welcome to provide us with other materials of the same style that your company has published before.

Matchless press release article quality

  • When we are done, you will get a chance to check the press release article and either approve it or not. You can ask for revisions if you didn’t like something. Although we take all your requirements into consideration, there’s still a chance that you will want to change something. We listen to your suggestions and work on the text until you find it flawless.

Press Release Writers at Affordable Prices

Our press release writers will write compelling press releases at affordable prices for you. You will hardly find any press release writing service like this offered at a lower price. We focus on providing high quality and staying available to any business owner at the same time.

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