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Getting a customer to fall for and choose your product is like wooing a girl and convincing her to go on a date with you; first impressions matter. There are numerous other products to choose from and alternatives to look at. Your survival as a business literally depends on how long and well you can keep the customer interested in you, just like that date that leads to marriage.

By engaging a creative marketing copywriter, you are effectively transforming your writing into an aphrodisiac for readers and seducing them to buy your product. The benefits may be the same as for the competition, but you want them to choose you. You not only want to attract new buyers, but you also want to retain and keep them. Because, let’s be honest, products tend to get boring real quickly and most products have a short shelf life for appeal.

As the business owner, you know what the customer wants and needs, but we know what they want to hear. Your advert may have great but really boring content. Maybe you have a great article or written advertisement, but you are just not getting the clicks and views that you want. Think about how your content engages the reader. Does it:

  • Humor them and offer a light touch? Dull pieces attract the same dull reaction. Make your pieces witty and clever and appeal to as many of your readers’ senses as you possibly can.
  • Offer a solution to a problem that they have? Customers may like your writing but what are they gaining by reading your page?
  • Give direction? You may be promoting a product but haven’t provided any info on how to get it, who to call or the specifications of the offer. Who to talk you if you want the product or if you need it repaired?
  • Explain how the product works? You need to lay out all the features of the product in a way that relates their design to a solution for the customer’s problems.

You need a product write up that gives customers a light bulb moment so that they see it as the solution they have been looking for. Value feedback and describe the responses by people that have tried the product through, say, a comments section.

You should make your sales copywriting as strategic as possible by aiming the right content at the right audience. Make your target market very specific and aim directly at the bullseye with your promo. A good idea would be to engage a professional sales copywriter or service like what we provide in case you don’t want a perfect miss.

Current buying trends and customer perceptions have made marketing writing mutate from just aggressive, in-your-face campaigns to ones that actually respond to the reader’s desires. A proper campaign should be multifaceted and involve all levels and types of outreach like social media, video channels like YouTube and ad promo services run by most search engines. Use all available tools online to get your voice heard. Strive to be different because trust us: you customers have heard it all before and it gets tiring.

Our agency gives you an edge over the competition through the services of a digital marketing copywriter who understands all these requirements and specifically aims for your audience.

Become an Influence with our Sales Copywriting Services

Ann Handley once quipped that great writers don’t need to be great marketers, but that great writing is absolutely critical for successful marketing. You may have all the proper content, but your writing skills are basic at best. Worry not. Our sales copywriting services makes your business and product account as articulate and interesting as possible. We promote your product(s) by creating a copywriting sales letter that explains all its major features to help you move from just clicks to tangible profits. We personalize the service for each of your products or customers instead of just producing replicas of previous material because we take the time to understand the current needs and trends and what the competition is offering.

We have perfected the art of moving away from traditional marketing writing and will blow away your customers so hard they’ll love what hit them. We offer the following:

  • Letters
  • Advertisements
  • Company and product profiles
  • Blitz promos
  • Sales letters
  • Mails
  • Reminders
  • Call to actions
  • Briefs and media summaries

In the end, you want your site to be someone’s bookmarks and your hotline to be on their speed dial.

We make this statement come true for you because we are the rock stars of sales writing.

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