The oldest legal articles

The first law texts dates back to the ancient times. They are as old as ancient civilizations. But it was not comfortable to use those articles because they were fragmented. In such a way numerous codes were developed. So, let us travel back through historical epochs and learn a little bit more about the brightest examples of legal codes.

Some ancient legal articles were created in Mesopotamia and they are known as the legal code of Urukagina, the code of Ur-Nammu, the code of Lipit-Istar, texts of the Laws of Eshnunna. All of these codes were created between the 24th and 20th centuries BC. The Laws of Eshnunna were inscribed on two tablets which were discovered in Iraq in the 20th century. These texts are mainly about trade relations and slave-holding relations. These articles show that the main punishment was a fine.  In 1901–1902, the Code of Hammurabi was discovered by archeologists. It looks like a black solid stele with inscribed words in the Akkadian language. The very stele was created in the 18th century BC, during the period of board of Babilonian king Hammurabi. The laws of the code deals with different aspects of life, such as legal procedure, various forms of ownership, relationships in a family and so on. There are also articles concerning criminal law. As one can see, the law has a very long history.

Who can be a legal content writer and write legal news articles?

Would you like to create your own law? Probably, yes, but not everyone can become a legislator, or, in other words, a lawmaker. There are strict rules for the procedure of the adoption of a law in the United States. But if you wish, you can deal with legal news articles or any other articles connected with jurisprudence. The main condition is to be good at this sphere, the best variant is to be a lawyer. But there is also another condition that is to be a little bit a writer in order to be able to create readable articles. Actually, it is not a problem, as the following tips can help you to become a legal content writer.

Legal content writing as an art

  • You have to write about 20 not very good articles in order to create the first brilliant one. Your experience is a very valuable thing in this case. Try again and again, and after some dozens of articles you will feel as a professional writer.
  • Make a kind of schedule, for example to write at least one article per ten days. Try to follow this rule.
  • Understand what you are writing for. What is your goal to achieve? To share your knowledge and experience, to help those people who are not good at jurisprudence to defend their rights, to answer the most asked questions.
  • Imagine who you are writing for. The attempt to see the situation through your clients eyes can give you the understanding what to write and how to write.
  • Try to make your articles very clear and do not use too many specified professional words. Make it available for an average customer, but not only for a lawyer (of course, if you are not writing an article for a legal journal that is supposed to be read only by lawyers).
  • Write about a particular subject, but not about an abstract concept from legal profession. An illegally dismissed worker does not want to read about such a concept, but he wants to know how to defend his rights.
  • Do not overload your article with statistics data and figures. On the contrary, make it easy for interpreting. Use dialogs and descriptions of some cases from your experience.

Summing up everything, I would like to say that legal content writing can be a very interesting and useful process, as you spend some days for writing your article and then your article spends the whole “article life” for working for you, transferring your experience, helping other people.

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