What our food articles are about?

Body Text: Eating is one of the best things that life has to offer to us. It is a simple, yet irresistible thing, that all of us really love. Nowadays we often see on the Internet, in social networks, dozens of photos of different fancy dishes. Today, youngster’s generation is dying to impress each other via photos of exotic dishes. Homemakers are going all out in order to show off and amaze their husbands and friends. You will get the opportunity to learn loads of interesting recipes and find out about healthy food more. You will become a real gourmet and will easily impress our friend and colleges with the obtained knowledge! Restaurants are looking for brand new precipices that would attract clients and money to them. In any case, topics of food articles vary greatly. Here you will be able to find food article about:

  • healthy and organic eating;
  • science articles about pluses and minuses of different dishes;
  • fast food and the whole truth about it;
  • deserts and drinks;
  • beverages and how to cook them.

“Articles on food” and “Articles about food”, what should you know about them?

There are various topics of our articles about food and one of them is organic food. In our organic food articles, you can find lots of interesting information. To stir up your interest to this topic, here are some basic facts about organic nutrition:

  • Some people prefer organic food hoping to become healthier, and thinking that they do not harm the environment.
  • The term “organic” means that plants are grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, for plants. In fact, farmers can still use pesticides to save their crops from being eaten by animals and insects, they just cannot be synthetically made.
  • As it was shown by some researches, some natural pesticides are more dangerous for your health and the environment at all, than man made ones. It does not mean that these substances are bad, but “natural” is not a synonym to “better-for-the-environment”.
  • More to it, not all products claiming to be organic are completely organic. If the word “organic” is mentioned on a label, the product should contain about 95% of organic ingredients. If you want to buy a completely organic product, look for one with a label “100% Organic”.
  • That means that organic foods can really be useful for you, and to some degree be better for the environment, but it is not enough for your health. If you want to keep fit, you should to combine exercise, a diet, your genetics, and of course, various other lifestyle choices.

In other articles on food topics, you are able to learn more about healthy food. In addition, you can also find not only healthy food articles, but also food and beverage articles. Where are spoiled products considered to be delicacies? How can food influence the heart activity? Read articles about food and beverages to learn more answers.

Talking about healthy beverages, it is important to mention all these super:

  • Waters
  • Teas
  • Fruit juices

You can find amazing facts about such a common thing as water in various articles.

It is the fastest-growing category in the grocery store and there is tons of choices. So how do you pick ones that are actually going to do some good things for you and your body? Many of the waters that are coming out on the market now, have many ingredients added into them, like vitamins and minerals, which really do not taste very good. That is why the manufactures will put a fair amount of sugar in, to mask the taste of those vitamins and minerals. So, when you pick up the water or a tea, that would maybe be of interest for you, you should reassure and swing it over to the back, so that you can look at the ingredient list and the amount of sugar that is contained in the product. If you got interested in this topic, while reading this, you can find more in our food and beverage news articles and food and beverage industry articles.

What can you learn from fast food articles, food safety articles, food waste articles?

All these: fast food articles, food safety articles, food waste articles will give you the opportunity to find out more about keeping yourself healthy and fit.

The biggest problem with the fast food industry is that everything is pre-made and prepackaged, that means it is all done at another location. Somewhere on the other side of the world, there is a giant factory churning out mass-produced frozen burgers, full of preservatives in salt and other chemicals, that you really do not need that if they are made with burger meat at all. Some of the product that they sell is simply not of a good quality, so when they deliver this stuff into the restaurant, they just burn it and stick on a bun and send it out the door, not caring about the quality of the product.

You can find loads of interesting information in our food desert articles. Unfortunately, the solution is not always as easy as simply buying better quality food. In our food science articles you can find out that many people live in what are called food deserts. Food deserts are typically urban neighborhoods or rural towns without easy access to fresh, healthy and affordable food. Instead of supermarkets or grocery stores, these communities are usually served by fast food or convenience stores. More than a half of the population, living in food deserts are considered to be of low income. This seems that for many people low-quality food is the only solution.

Articles about food waste teach you that every year half of all the world’s  food is lavished, not only does this mean economic deprivation, this also means that all of the natural resources, used for processing, packaging, growing, and transporting that food turn into a waste too. Talking about wastage food produces, people can invest in better storage and harvest technology in order to avoid products deprivation. Food retailers may low prices of that imperfectly shaped or simply bad looking vegetables and donate unsellable, yet edible excesses to the groceries. Moreover, the food that is not suitable for human’s consumption should be used to feed animals. Individual consumers should be shoppers that are more attentive, find and use better storing methods, and recycle food leftovers. We should also request smaller portions in cafes and restaurants. Not enough efforts create the food wastage pyramid that, actually, is grounded on the leftovers. Politicians can improve the ability to change that pyramid. We can prevent food wastage, the solution exists! This and other useful information you can find in the food news articles. It does not matter what your job is, if you read our article about food, you will be able to open the world of food for you again!

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