Tips on writing and understanding finance articles

Writing about business and finance can be an intimidating task, and even reading finance articles is something that doesn’t come too easily to people. There is a certain perception that business articles are only for those people who are in the finance and business sectors, what with all the technical terms and jargon that most casual readers may not be able to understand. Just hearing terms such as equity, index traded funds, bonds, interest rates and dividends may be enough to make the finance-uninitiated shudder.

You might be assigned to write a finance article for school and work, and not quite sure where to start. The first thing you should determine is who you are writing for or who is your audience. You can be writing for the finance and business community, or you can be writing for the general public and sometimes even both. Determining this can help you know what kind of tone you should use for your writing and what level of technicality you can get away with in your finance news articles.

Writing business articles and real estate articles

One of the most followed industries in business is the real estate industry, and there is no question that the property market is still a very valuable aspect of any business. When you open any newspaper or news website, you are sure to encounter a lot of real estate articles on a daily basis. There is still a big demand for information on this industry so great real estate articles are always popular.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are writing a business article:

  • Avoid jumping into clichés

It can be tempting to fall into clichés especially when you can’t think of anything else better to express the idea of your thought with. When this happens, instead of relegating yourself to clichés, try to give more specific examples related to the topic that you are discussing.

  • Limit your business jargon

Even if you are already an expert or a long-time professional in the industry that you are writing about, always remember that there are still people who are reading business news articles which may not be that familiar with the terms and jargon of the industry. Try to limit your use of terms and other words that only those in your circle know about, and instead write about things in terms that even the most casual readers can still understand.

  • Know your audience

As mentioned before, knowing your audience is the key to writing interesting business articles. Knowing who from your readers help you focus on your given topic, whether it’s personal finance articles or an industry-specific real estate article. When you have an idea of who your audience is, you will know what kind of information they are looking for and are less likely to go about your subject or topic in a meandering way.

  • Present verifiable data

A lot of business is numbers, so when writing business articles, be sure to include accurate and updated data and other business information which can be relevant to your topic. This can include earnings, sales, the percentage of market share or number of customers in a given period. We cannot emphasize enough that your data must be accurate and verifiable so that you will be credited to your readers.

  • Include real-life examples or case studies

When writing business articles, it is always helpful for your readers if you will include case studies and other real-life examples of businesses and personalities that are related to your writing. This makes your article personally useful for them since they can relate to other businesses on a more personal level.

A final word on writing a finance article like a personal finance article or business news articles

A lot of people these days are very interested in topics concerning personal finance, as there are more resources made available than ever for people who want to be more investment-savvy and grow their assets and wealth. Even when you read international business articles, personal finance is a growing industry, and those who profess to teach people how to grow money are having an increased following online especially in social media.

To keep yourself from being inundated with too much information regarding business when you are reading a personal finance article, make sure to get information only from sources that you trust. Handling your money should be done with care, so when taking tips from so-called experts, exercise discernment in whom you should be following.

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