Client FAQ

Who are your writers?

Superior Content has both in-house and freelance writers of various backgrounds. We have a selection procedure in place that helps us find the best talent and make sure such talent is available for our clients. Such procedure includes language proficiency tests, test assignments and interviews. All the writers are native English speakers based on the U.S. and the U.K. The combination of freelance and hi-house writers helps us fulfill orders faster than our competitors.

How are orders matched with writers?

When accepted, new writers are assigned a specialization. Some of them focus on blog writing, others prefer landing pages, yet others can generate lots of high-quality SEO content. Therefore, a writer for your order will be selected based on their specialization, credibility and background.

Can a writer be assigned to work on all my orders?

If you have established a relationship with one of our writers, you can have such writer work on all your orders to come. In fact, we even recommend it. To request a specific writer, make an appropriate comment in the order form.

When is the payment effected?

As a client, you are being charged after you provide payment details in the process of ordering. However, we have money-back policies in place. That’s why the writer will receive the money only after the order is fulfilled. We act as a depository and release funds only after all issues have been dealt with and your order has been fulfilled, approved and closed.

Can a piece of content be revised?

Yes, of course. We include free revisions in every order. Therefore, if you are not happy with the product, we’ll be happy to improve it until you are.

Please feel free to contact support with all the other questions you might have about our services, writers or financial policies.

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