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Here at Superior Content, we believe in long-term relationships with clients. That’s why all our policies evolve around client satisfaction and exceeding their expectations.

The ordering procedure is not an exception! For you, we have developed a simple yet comprehensive ordering form and policies to go with it that ensure your receiving of top-notch work only.

Content approval and requesting revisions is one of such policies.

All the content we provide is original by default – we check it before sending it out to you and can even provide you with a plagiarism report.

However, we do realize that things might happen in the process, or more specifically you and your writer might have slightly different views on how the order should be fulfilled. And even though you will have a possibility to stay in touch with your writer during the entire process, the results might still be not what you expected by 100%.

Worry not – that’s why we have the order approval period and free revisions. When your order is fulfilled, you will be notified via email.

This is when you should allocate some time to verify it. Does it meet your requirements in full? Is it what you expected it to be? Are there minor changes that should be made? If so, please do not hesitate to request a revision.

There are as many revisions available for you as you need for 14 days after order completion. After the expiration of this period, however, we will deem your order approved and won’t be able to change anything in it. So please, plan accordingly to have time to review the paper and request a revision if necessary.

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